Extreme - Fall/Winter

Extreme Collection

Extreme Collection

A comfortable collection, a new interpretation of the concept of techno-easywear for everyday’s life. It is the widespread desire to wear performing garments, without sacrificing aesthetics and fashion.

EXTREME Collection is experimentation and change: the ideal solution for casual/ sporty outfit promoting the culture of performance. It’s a great innovation in the field of functional yarns thanks to special mix of natural fibers and techniques or twist of special nylon and polyester fibers.

A special attention to the search for new yarn treatments was paid to give the products new technical qualities.

Di.Vè carries on an advanced model of sustainable enterprise. The entire production process is made in Italy and completely traceable.

Extreme H10

Is a process in which yarns are treated with a new generation of DWR (Durable Water Repellent) substances: an invisible, water- repellent and fluorine-free shield of protection. The result is a breathable product with a comfortable micro-climate that causes the moisture to evaporate onto the surface, preventing it from being absorbed and facilitating the process of drying.

Extreme H20

Is a treatment based on nano-emulsions that wick away moisture from the skin and through the clothing surface, so the moisture evaporates to leave you dry and comfortable. An antistatic, breath- able product that creates a healthy thermoregulation effect.

Extreme H30

Is a finishing process that protects fibers through special sanitized products that work efficiently against bacteria and mould spores. All this guarantees the highest level of comfort, practicality and hygienic safety when in contact with the skin, even after a long workout session.