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Today we can proudly state that DiVè is active on all the main world markets by exporting 100% Made in Italy products on a daily basis.

Research, creatività and quality are DiVè’s main values. Our best yarns are acknowledged and sold all over the world. Experience and passion are made available to customers in order to anticipate the next fashion trends in the most exclusive collections.

Di.Vè’s search for color is wide and varied, made up of sophisticated tones that gives the company uniqueness and originality. We export 100% Made in Italy products on a daily basis.

Viking Wool e Ortica Himalayana

With a view to continuous improvement and research of quality and sustainability for the production of our yarn, we have chosen to use a wool coming from totally natural farms located in the green Norwegian countryside: Viking wool is hand sorted by expert artisans into sixteen different ratings, making this fiber usable for several purposes.

We also use a bright, white and very long fiber extracted from Himalayan stinging nettle. It is picked by local population, with a sustainable socio-economic and environmental impact, and comes straight to our company where it’s properly worked to highlight its special features.

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Made in Italy quality

Wool manufacturing has ancient origins in Biella territory. The wool district has experienced intensive phases of business density. At present, it’s the only district in Europe that has maintained intact the whole textile supply chain and Di.Vè makes an active contribution to the evolution and the maintenance of such a system.

All the production stages take place inside our factory, whose productive capacity amounts to 2.5 millions Kg. The quality of the final product is based on the strategic importance of territory’s know-how and on highly skilled workers who have always been part of this reality and have honed their skills over the years.

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Sustainability has currently become a priority in all business activity and DiVè has always had a great awareness of the problem by making informed environmental choices that are conservation oriented.

An energy- saving system is applied to all plants in the company, with standards in accordance with local requirements. 20% of the energy we consume is self-produced through our photovoltaic plant and our annual selection of selection of suppliers focuses on producers of energy through renewable sources.

Di.Vè is certified by Associazione Tessile e Salute (Textile and Health Association), sponsored by the Italian Health Department; it is a member of TFashion, the traceability system of Italian Chambers of Commerce and has lately become ZDHC (Zero Discharge of Hazardous Chemicals) compliant.

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