Exclusive yarns and textiles for design sector

Exclusive yarns and textiles for design sector

Di.Vè has sold its products to weavers for a long time. Our strength is the day-to-day contact with customers, always creating new customized yarns in order to meet their specific needs.

The colour patterns we are specialized in are perfectly suited to "Chanel" fabrics and Jacquard looms. In addition to fancy items we also have a wide range of classic yarns in various composition.

Our most popular items are stock-supported in order to ensure a fast service.

Di.Vè. is present in weaving sector in Exclusive version by providing a collection that is more and more focused on precious and sophisticated fibers, cleverly studied and adapted to workings as appropriate.

Baby Alpaca Bouclé and Super Kid Mohair, featuring weightless structures represent Di.Vè's history and tradition at its best and make it the perfect partner for ay customers.

Textiles for design and furnishing sector are the result of a constant study and deep research of new shapes and colors and testify Di.Vè's dedication and commitment to test the most innovative technologies in order to explore new markets.