Yarns and hand-knitting production

Yarns and hand-knitting production

Main features of our hand-knitting yarns

From the very beginning, our company has given the top priority to the production of both ball of yarns and hand knitting ones intended for sale.

Our hand-knitting yarns are the result of a over- the- years consolidated know-how and regular researches; moreover, the ongoing investment on textile machinery has allowed us to create the highest technical standards yarns.

Every season our technicians, colorist and stylists turn the most updated fashion trends into prototypes which are then discussed, perfected and customized for and with our clientele. We are proud of supplying yarns to the most important wholesalers all over the world, on a strict "private label" policy only.

Over the years Di.Vé has gained a reputation for being a company specializing in colour effects. We really deem we are one of the few companies worldwide able to produce a range of shades and colorations like the one we propose every season and we update continously: everything is blended and spun in our mill in Italy, on special machinery which we customize in order to achieve the final results we desire.

Made in Italy Yarns

Fancy yarns are undoubtedly the core of our hand-knitting business but this are in no way the only items we produce. Each season they are complemented by an extensive range of classical yarns: Pure Wool and Woolblends, Alpaca and Mohai blends and other fibers.

In the last few years, printed yarns have been the best sellers and have also become a strong point in our company’s production. “Made in Italy” combines with tradition in a perspective of innovation and search of quality.

Classic structured yarns are eco-friendly oriented: compositions such as organic cotton, recycled linen and canvas are an essential trend.  
A professional team of experts represents DiVé the best way possible: from the meeting with customers to really understand their needs and the consequent realization of the product to shipment management, everything takes place with competence and promptness.