03/09/2018 - News
In the north of Norway, in a pristine landscape, live an ancient breed of sheep producing a rare fiber of wool, famous for its flexibility and shininess. 

The exceptional helicoidal structure of the fiber gives the NORWAYWOOL yarn an amazing softness and lightness. It's an environmentally sustainable fiber that Di.Vé proposes both plain and mixed with Biofeel. 
Biofeel is a new polyamide fiber stemming from bio-renewable and sustainable sources; it's composed by bio-material obtained by castor-oil plants, which are cultivated in pesticide-free soils. Biofeel is a bulked fiber mixed with Norwegian wool to enhance the natural touch of BIOWOOL
Lightness, comfort and cocooning effect are the main features of these worthy products. 
NORWAYWOOL and BIOWOOL are 100% eco-sustainable and totally traceable yarns.