2020 Spring-Summer Collection

29/01/2019 - News

Di.Vé 2020 Spring-Summer Collection puts unconventional ideas first and boldly creates new and modern products.

“Utility” yarns renovates the classic through sportswear influences and evolves in three contemporary styles: the elegance and the unisex lightness of plain yarns, the innovative yet not eccentric nature of Camouflage yarns and the Extreme yarns. Our technological creations result both in basic and futuristic, streetwear yarns, which are suitable for any occasion and conceived in accordance with their best practicality and high-tech performances.

Extreme Collection, designed with the utmost attention, proposes more traditional and natural, highly performing yarns complying with the efficiency standard that is essential for consumers. By designing this line of products, Di.Vé has increased its commitment in favor of the research for innovation with the aim of breathing some emotion in its technique and creating an elegant and custom-made trend with a hint of sports. 
Di.Vé search of colors is wide and variegated, composed by sophisticated and solid shades. Pastel, water colors hues are officially a trend. Lacquered and frosty- effect colors are mixed in vibrant, tridimensional shades fading into the tones of pink, lilac, acid yellow and opposing to grass green, royal blue, fuchsia and orange and then softened into neutral colors, like ecru, sand beige, pink powder, pearl grey and white. Neon colors break through, but the real must-have is the whole range of blue jeans colors.