Viking Wool and Himalayan singing nettle

Viking Wool and Himalayan singing nettle

Viking Wool and Himalayan singing nettle

Viking wool and Himalayan singing nettle

With a view to continuous improvement and research of quality and sustainability for the production of our yarn, we have chosen to use two kinds of raw materials coming from faraway lands.

Viking wool

An ancient breed of sheep living in the north of Norway in a pristine landscape is famous for the  production rare wool fiber, which is particularly stretchy and bright.

The exceptional helical structure gives the yarn an extraordinary softness and lightness. It’s an eco-sustainable fiber that meets future market requirements and, thanks to its intrinsic properties, it becomes a precious resource which is sustainable, renewable, recyclable and biodegradable.
Expert artisans sort this wool into sixteen different ratings, making this noble fiber usable for several purposes.

Wild fibers from Himalaya

The fiber gotten from the bark and collected from the stems of the giant stinging nettles growing wildly on the mountains of Himalaya is an high-quality kind of fiber that enables yarn manufacturers  to create unique products.

Giant Himalayan stinging nettle is perfectly sustainable and grows spontaneously up to three meters per year, with an abundant production of leaves that are capable of absorbing a large amount of CO2. This kind of harvest doesn’t require deforestation.

Since there’s no need of insemination, watering is automatically excluded, as well as the use of pesticides and herbicides.  Fair trade is consequentially supported, since the HimaIayan population pick and sell the precious raw material straight to companies, avoiding this way work exploitation.